Why Vote?

I arrived in the United States from London as an Alien immigrant 2nd Class Citizen with a temporary visa.  I came to teach neuroanatomy and neurophysiology at the Neurological Institute at Columbia Presbyterian in New York City. It was the year John F. Kennedy was the presidential nominee of the Democratic party and I wanted so much to vote for him.

It was not until a few years later that I became a real U.S. citizen and was able to cast my vote for the first time.  I’ve voted in every election ever since, proud to perform my civic responsibility; each time believing everyone’s vote counts, that my vote counts.

I’ve never voted because of the inducement of a cup of coffee to do so, but when I saw this from Starbucks, I thought it the best reasoned advertisement I’ve ever seen.

Tomorrow (November 4th), I’m voting for my favorite candidate. And for Starbucks! Congratulations to both winners!