Where the Food Jobs Are

The “healthy” food, “wellness” arena is expanding rapidly. The quality of food is improving in hospitals, executive suites in sports arenas, dining rooms in concert halls and luxury retirement villages, (but not in state or federal prisons where the per prisoner budget is $2.47 a day).

As the nation focuses on health care there will continue to be, increasing concentration on food that is good to eat and good for the health of the nation. By this, I don’t mean low calorie, low fat, low cholesterol, and low salt foods but in enthusiasm for sustainable farming and locally accessed fruits, vegetables and meats. Those who can afford the best are opting for artisanal and minimally processed foods.

There is mounting interest in good, not too costly, healthy (as opposed to health food) options everywhere. This is a worldwide trend and offers job opportunities both in industry and private enterprise. For some of these positions it helps mightily to have obtained a degree from a culinary school but is not always necessary. A cheerful disposition may be more persuasive than a certificate.

  • Healthy food is a concept that is gaining traction in company cafeterias (Google and Facebook are among several companies that employ full-time chefs who provide free food for their employees. This is a growing trend among businesses that want to keep their employees happy. Some companies even offer take-out food for dinner too.
  • Healthy food choices are taking up more and more shelf space in supermarkets where chefs prepare meals ready to be cooked (or simply reheated,) at home. Wegman’s, one of the best companies to work for in America, has even installed bistros in their fabulous supermarkets.)
  • Top chefs are cooking in airport restaurants.
  • Employment can be found cooking for congregations who are encouraged to meet and greet each other at the conclusion of religious services.