What Can I Bring?

A dear friend is diagnosed with a dire disease.  After the first moment of shock and disbelief, we feel adrift, not knowing what to do.

We can cook.

But what?

The inevitable accompaniment to an  illness is the need to take monstrously powerful drugs. They heal. But at a terrible cost. Loss of appetite is a constant companion in addition to feeling horribly unwell.

It was within this context that I heard of another friend who was caring for not one but two close relatives. They lived a long drive from her home. To her surprise she discovered her greatest need was for Tupperware.

Because she was simultaneously looking after her own children, she found she could only become a long distance traveler every four or five days.

She had no experience as a cook. She didn’t know there was such a profession as a personal chef. Nevertheless she rose to the task and spent many hours preparing the kind of simple food that could easily be popped into the microwave, leaving no dishes to wash and no pots to carry back and forth.  Even so providing three meals a day for two elderly people required a considerable amount of packaging.

She appealed to friends, to the garden club and the church whose members eagerly supplied masses of storage containers. They were happy to pitch in, and this small gesture was indeed wonderfully helpful.

Sometimes even a very small gift, (with a lid), becomes a loving gesture.