Three Tips To Stop The “No-Shows”

‘No show’ reservations are never any good. They present a huge problem for restaurants, even at Easter when many eat out.

Many in the restaurant industry do not simply consider such an act without a call rude, they call it a sin.

Everyone suffers when the tables remain empty. While many restaurant reservationists strongly stress the penalties of the unforgivable sin, the act continues. Some patrons even become known as serial offenders.

There is no excuse. We can all reach a cell phone to offer an apology when the cancellation of a reservation is necessary, beyond one’s control.

I have devised a solution for this intractable problem:

  • First offense — the diner is not permitted to order dessert.
  • Second offense — the diner’s menu first choices and dessert are denied. The check is doubled.
  • Third offense — the name of the ‘no show’ is posted on Facebook with a notice that no reservations are to be accepted for the offender’s lifetime plus 168 years of penance.

How’s that for a jolly Easter message?