Tavern on the Green in the Red

Tavern on the Green, NYC

Tavern on the Green, NYC

Another tragedy. As reported today, Tavern on the Green has only its name to its name. Overcome with debt, it too has died. Many have special memories. Mine is of seeing the former Tavern owner, Warner LeRoy, in full frontal nudity.

I came to the United States as an alien immigrant second class citizen. This means I was a legal, but temporary resident. I had a green card but was allowed to work at The Neurological Institute at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital for only six months.

I soon found another job working for Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld, an eminent cardiologist. Warner LeRoy was his patient. He arrived at Dr. Rosenfeld’s office for a routine cardiogram. I ushered him into the examining room and asked him, nicely, to remove his shirt.

Warner LeRoy, restaurant impressario

Warner LeRoy, restaurant impresario

Politely, I left the room to provide him privacy to perform this function.

Imagine my surprise when I returned to find the rather large restaurateur completely, utterly, almost totally naked. (For a reason I didn’t completely understand, he was wearing only one sock and a large grin.)

After this memorable encounter, we met several times at food functions. Invariably he would ask me if I would feel more comfortable if he removed his clothing. It was a sort of inside joke.