Food Job: Food Videographer

Camera PersonMuch like a food photographer, a food videographer provides a vital visual element: to cooking instructions, in animating the interior of a restaurant, memorializing a food festival. He or she can record conferences, add to cooking demonstration websites, sales pitches, and proposals. The food videographer has become a valued member of a culinary team.

If you can secure some funding, you can travel the universe as a food videographer. Pick your topic. It can be anything from a documentary about fair trade coffee to creating a permanent recording of a family gathering or filming correct and incorrect table manners, the correct and incorrect way to greet a guest and the importance of a gracious ’Goodbye, please come back soon.’

Indeed, any and every aspect of teaching and learning about food preparation and service is enriched when a speaker can be seen, not simply heard.

Online courses and cooking demonstrations are more interesting when accompanied with a lively video. A profitable business is awaiting a professional who creates a two or three minute “live” video of a conference, a lecture, an interview, or a living “portrait” to be used to introduce writers of food blogs or as a selling tool for a food truck owner or to introduce a new line of barbecue sauces.

Even culinary job applications can get added depth and interest if they offer a visual or video aspect to their portfolio.

To get started as a food videographer, look for a food videographer internship and start to create some sample material and  a proposal with details of your fees. If there isn’t such an internship in your community, create your own with a local school and by suggesting your services to various local culinary businesses.

As I always say, if you don’t ask, the chances of getting what you want are zero.