Restaurant Promotions-White Sale!

Chefs Playing in Snow Courtesy of Wall Street Journal

Chefs Playing in Snow near Polish restaurant Courtesy of Wall Street Journal

The worst, most depressing time to own a restaurant is right after the holidays when many among us can best be described as “stuffed.” We’ve eaten too much, drunk too liberally. The idea of going out to a restaurant is not hugely appealing.

So it’s ‘thinking’ time…

A restaurateur we know offered the equivalent of a white sale: everything white on the menu went on sale. This included New England clam chowder, potato soup, gnocchi, white fishes with white sauces, rice pudding, vanilla ice cream, etc. You get the idea.

Riskier was the promotion for a snowy day: the deal was for guests to make a reservation for a certain date. If it snowed on that day, everyone could eat free.  The joint was filled to capacity and No, it didn’t snow. (A quick check with the weather man revealed it (almost) never snowed on that specific day.)

Ho! Ho! Yo!!!





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