Restaurant Jobs From the Chef’s Perspective

Anthony Bourdain & Mario Batali

Chefs Anthony Bourdain (left) & Mario Batali

The famous Mario Batali said, “ Thirty years ago; most people who worked in restaurant kitchens had either just gotten out of the Army or were on their way to jail. Now you get all these people who went to college, then found their passion in cooking.  The level is suddenly much higher because the people cooking are a lot smarter.”

Meanwhile, world traveler, author and chef Anthony Bourdain observed: “Few things are more beautiful to me than a bunch of thuggish, heavily tattooed line cooks moving around each other like ballerinas on a busy Saturday night. Seeing two guys who’d just as soon cut each other’s throats in their off hours moving in unison with grace and ease can be as uplifting as any chemical stimulant or organized religion.”

So, how’s everything folks?