Rare Food Job: Chef/Doctor

Writing in the Philadelphia Daily News, Christine Fisher describes the work of Jack Shoop one of only 61 chefs in the United States certified as a master chef by the American Culinary Federation. He notes that 40 percent of cancer-related deaths are due to malnutrition. Cancer and its treatments can affect a patient’s ability to taste and smell and lead to nausea, trouble absorbing nutrients, anorexia and fatigue.

Chef Shoop is part of a team of oncologists, naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, mind-body specialists and therapists that use a whole-person approach to ensure optimal nutrition for their patients. This approach is based on the fact that cancer does not affect one part of the body but rather the body as a whole — as well as all aspects of patients’ lives.  He says: “Our purpose is so wonderful and beautiful…really it’s about two Ls — loving and listening.”

Note: Personal and private chefs may specialize in a specific health area, for example preparing gluten free meals or tasty food for those living healthily with diabetes.  Even folk yearning to shed a couple of pounds can be helped to slimness with the aid of a personal chef.  Do you remember how much weight Oprah lost? And her cook’s cookbook sold literally millions of copies.n