Radio Food Job

In my Food Jobs class, I ask the students to write a personal, private letter to me. I want to know what they would love to do if their fairy godmother granted their wish.

Yesterday I received this revealed secret: “If there’s anything I would love to do more than eating, cooking or cycling, it’s talking. I love talking.

How terrific.

A radio show!

It could be a proposal for a one-minute slot or a 30-minute program.

How to get started?

Address your proposal to the radio station manager describing your idea in one short paragraph: i.e. Food & Drink Magazine on the Radio is a lively, half-hour weekly radio program that celebrates the enjoyment of food and drink.

You will interview cookbook authors, food business entrepreneurs, chefs, restaurateurs, food truck owners, farmers and physicians, nutritionists, safety regulators, beekeepers, bread bakers and critics. On the menu too are those responsible for feeding school children, hospital patients, the military, astronauts and those working in the kitchens of federal prisons, museums, zoos and caterers of grand parties. And when our guests don’t come to talk to us, we will go to them, even if the journey takes us to kitchen of the QM2 or The White House. Late-breaking culinary news is heard here first, along with interviews and reports from the fascinating people who work in the food arena to reports on new products, openings and closings and  of the American food chain — from the farm to the store, from the skillet to the plate.

Send a sample audio tape with your proposal.

Who might be interested in accepting your proposal. Local radio station managers and college radio broadcasters.

National Public Radio invites guests to read their essays for local or national audiences. A colleague at the CIA contributes a quiz program on NPR. It’s totally brilliant.

What is your expertise and can you translate it to this media? It is a wonderfully challenging thing to do…even possibly…a career.

Keep talking…And listening. (Some folk’s idea of listening is to talk louder…)