Picking A Winner: IACP Cookbook Submissions Deadline Nears

IACP Cookbook Awards

IACP Cookbook Awards

There’s nothing like winning a big award to put roses in your cheeks.

I shall never forget the moment I won my first IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) cookbook award. (I confess I wasn’t giving my undivided attention to the announcements. Instead I was busily scarfing down a lovely dessert.)

I looked up in astonishment when I heard my name called from the podium.

“What?! … What was that?”

My chin fell on the table.

As I stumbled to the podium, my life changed with every step. My book was considered the best!

The first Miss. America, Margaret Gorman, 1921

The first Miss. America, Margaret Gorman, 1921

At the time, I was handed a crystal whisk award–and I felt like the first Miss. America, complete with tiarra and roses. Today the award is more like an Olympic medal, worthy of cuddling.

Still today, I have that felling of “What? Me? Surely you jest!”

With that preamble, I urge all of you with new cookbooks and food books–literary, historical, referential, first-time, family-oriented or otherwise–and any who have such aspirations to read the information about the annual IACP cookbook awards and apply.

The deadline for the 2010 IACP Cookbook Award submission is close at hand–October 28, 2009–less than 40 days and nights and counting!

This year, there are 16 categories where your book may fit in. New categories include: Culinary History, Professional and Children, Youth and Family. And there are two optional categories: The Jane Grigson Award (in honor of a friend) and the Design Award, in which category award winners may become honorably double fisted with glee.

If you don’t win this time, just keep trying. I didn’t win last time, so it just means I have to get busy writing another book.