Great Food Jobs 2 A Winner

Gourmand AwardI just received the astonishing news that Great Food Jobs 2: Ideas & Inspirations for Your Job Hunt has received the 2013 Gourmand Special Award of the Jury, having competed with books from countries all over the world in the category of Careers and Vocational Guidance for Food Professionals. It is currently shortlisted in the Gourmand Best Book in the World for Food Professionals Award too!

Great Food Jobs 2 can best be described as an almanac of eminently useful career guidance mixed with tasty bites of utterly useless gastronomical nonsense, including weird sushi combinations and odd bakery names such as “Nice Buns.”

It is a companion to Food Jobs: Great Jobs for Culinary Students, Career Changers and Food Lovers. Both publications should be viewed as complementary but completely separate from each other. Great Food Jobs 2’s content is entirely new and original.

I wrote my first single subject cookbook in 1969. It contained only 48 pages. The retail price way back then was $1.50. Today, the Kindle version of Great Food Job 2 is $7.69 for 355 pages or $17.95 if you prefer to clasp the book in your hands.

It’s taken all this time for me to realize I’m still writing single subject books whether in the form of A-Z Almanacs or A-Z Ideas and Inspirations for Culinary Careers.

Great Food Jobs 2 was written to inform and entertain, to give as a gift to a food job seeker or job seeker in general.

I most sincerely hope you will pick it up, read it and review it. It is my life’s work.


Searching for a Sustainable Cuisine

farmed-and-dangerousTo spread their message of “food with integrity,” Chipotle is launching a television comedy series on Hulu. The four program episodes are titled Farmed and Dangerous and, according to their press release, takes a satirical look at industrial agriculture.

“The series follows a fictional industrial giant called Animoil that develops a new petroleum-based animal feed called PetroPellet. The product promises to reduce factory farm dependence on oil by eliminating the need to grow, irrigate, fertilize and transport vast amounts of feed needed to raise livestock. There’s only one downside: the cows that eat the pellets have a tendency to explode (with cheap but amusing special effects).”

Sustainable agriculture is to farming what recycling is to manufacturing. Everyone is for it, as long as it is Read on…

Food Writers Write On

Chef Magazine digital coverI’ve been writing a regular column, The Last Word, for Chef magazine for 11 years. Here is my most recent article, “Bigger & Getting Smaller.” The publication has just gone digital, and is wonderfully easy to navigate. (My piece is on the last page.)

I am fascinated and awed by the astounding technology changes taking place in every field. Publishing too, has been revolutionized. A library in San Antonio doesn’t contain a single book! Every word is online. Read on…

(Ant)Arctic Chef

The following was an actual posting for a chef position by the British Antarctic Survey Natural Environment Research Council:

“Antarctica is the coldest and most isolated continent in the world. It’s also the exhilarating, providing a unique and spectacular setting for our vital scientific research.

Antony Dubber, Antarctic Chef

Antony Dubber, Antarctic Chef

The successful chef candidate must have proven experience in kitchen management, including inventory control and producing quality menus for up to 100 people. You’ll also have basic computer literacy, good communication skills and the ability to  work under pressure with limited time and resources. You must be willing to Read on…

Sustainable Cuisine: What Is It?

Twelve thousand years ago, our hunter and gatherer ancestors were able to feed themselves well enough for our species to survive. Today, our challenge has become how to feed our neighbors and ourselves without harming the land, the air, or the waters that surround us. This philosophy of nurturing is contained in the words ‘Sustainable Cuisine.’Sustainable Cuisine          


Sustainable Cuisine involves a study of history and geography, anthropology and science and technology, farming and fishing, buying and selling. And because we have Read on…

2013: The A-Z Food Year That Was


Airline food: There was no more pie in the sky. High in the clouds didn’t translate into haute (cuisine).

Amuse bouches were crafted to be picked up with our eyelashes. Mini morsels of oxtail perched on a sliver of sardine, topped with two petunia petals were presented as an itty bitty “gift” from the chef. A tasting menu in deed!

All socially responsible consumers and food companies hailed appetite for Fair Trade.


Bacon became the next sizzling fad. Bacon lipstick, bacon (de)oderant, bacon dental floss, bacon ice cream and other bizarre foolishnesses streaked along the highway of absurdity.

Bees buzzed off. Many feared there would be no more almond joy.

Broccoli was not adored properly. Read on…