Networking for Life

There are a lot of reasons to love being a teacher but among the most rewarding is hearing from students months and even years after the class has ended.  Molly Kendall called yesterday. She graduated from the CIA in 2007. It was her idea to invite my personal friends to write about their specific careers for my Food Jobs book.

At first I was hesitant, thinking this was a huge imposition, but every single person responded immediately and enthusiastically: Nach Waxman owner of my favorite store contributed an essay about his life at Kitchen Arts & Letters, so did Barbara Haber who laid the foundation of the cookbook collection at the Schlessenger Library and literary agent Lisa Ekus and Delores Custer the Queen of food styling. Betty Fussell, Darra Goldstein (Gastronomica) and Anne Willan and David Robinson described their work as did dozens of others who provided wonderful insights and really useful information for the readers.

They say it is lonely being a writer. What rubbish! When I look at my network of cherished friends, I realize I am part of a lovely, celebratory, constantly hungry crowd of food lovers. This makes me rich beyond my wildest dreams.








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  1. What Irena doesn’t mention is that I was honored to be part of her wonderful book, knowing that it would be (and is) the best of its kind. I would dog paddle down the Mississippi, kiss a bucket of toads, or eat orange circus peanuts in Macy’s window for Irena. She is warm and brilliant!!

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