Midwives on PBS

The National Health Service program was initiated in the U.K. when I was a young graduate nurse. It was a time similar to ours in the U.S. right now.

There was a shortage of doctors to treat the torrent of new patients who suddenly arrived at their doors. The government initiated a program that has its parallel here with physician assistants.

Except, in Britain, it was decided that nurses could only enter the program if they first qualified as midwives!

To this day, I’ve never understand why Her Majesty decided it necessary for us to deliver 50 babies (with the help of the mothers) in order to obtain certification.

Thus I traveled from London to the University of Aberdeen Medical Center in Scotland. Like the actors on the new PBS series, Call In The Midwife, I used my bike to get from home to home — except when I had to climb through mountains of snow.

Just thought you might like to know in case my services are needed for anyone in the future.

I subsequently immigrated to America to teach neuroanatomy and neurophysiology classes for graduate nurses at the Columbia Presbyterian Neurological Institute in Manhattan.

From there I followed a logical career path to writing about food and Food Jobs!

I have almost always followed Marilyn Monroe’s wise advice, who said, “Ever notice how ‘What the hell’ is always the right answer?”

Go for it!