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“Irena Chalmers should be right up there with Julia (Child) and Jim (Beard). Chalmers’ presence on the page or in a lecture hall charges the atmosphere with vitality, wit and wisdom.”
Betty Fussell,
author, The Story of Corn

I Chalmers GFJ2 Signing at CIAIrena Chalmers has charted a broad and varied career path in the food world yet she is known foremost for her unique ability to create a meal of savory good reads. Each single subject book she has written, which she insists is really what she writes, has begun with the basics — a collection of recipes or thoughts — then expanded with the riches of possibility.

Here below is her bibliography:

Author, Books

  • Pioneer of the single subject cookbook
  • Writer of 50+ single subject cook book titles with sales exceeding 10 million copies
  • Confident Cook, Praeger – Main Selection Cookbook Guild
  • Favorite Family Recipes, Simon & Schuster
  • Bride’s Cookbook, Condé Nast
  • Great AMERICAN Food Almanac, Harper & Row – Tastemaker Award
  • American Bistro, Contemporary Books – Tastemaker Award
  • The Great FOOD Almanac, Collins – Julia Child/IACP Award & Nominated for James Beard Award
  • Good Old Food, Barron’s 250,000+ copies sold
  • Working Family Cookbook, Barron’s 200,000 copies sold
  • Edible Christmas, William Morrow
  • Food Professional’s Guide, John Wylie (Introduction by Julia Child)
  • Specialty cookbooks for General Electric, Le Creuset, Donvier Ice Cream Machine etc.
  • Food Jobs: 150 Great Jobs for Culinary Students,Career Changers and Food Lovers
  • Great Food Jobs 2: Ideas and Inspiration for Your Job Hunt

Author / Editor

  • 12 ‘ROUND THE WORLD cookbook series, Meijer Pers, Amsterdam (Sales exceeding 8 million copies worldwide)

Author / Editor / Packager


  • 24 volume cookbook series published by Torstar, (Toronto Star) Canada


Series featured America’s foremost food writers and received the Art Directors Club Award and 8 Tastemaker Awards, and included:

  • Romantic & Classic Cakes by Rose Levy Beranbaum
  • American Food & California Wine by Barbara Kafka
  • Quiche & Pâté by Peter Kump
  • Old Fashioned Desserts by Richard Sax
  • Christmas Feasts From History by Lorna Sass
  • Cooking of the South by Nathalie Dupree
  • Fine Fresh Food – Fast by Michele Urvater
  • Pasta! by Carlo Middione
  • Ice Cream & Ices by Nancy Arum
  • Bountiful Bread: Basics to Brioches by Lynn Kasper
  • Dim Sum & Chinese One-Dish Meals_ by Jean Yueh
  • Fresh Garden Vegetables by Libby Hillman
  • Omelettes and Soufflés by Anne Byrd
  • Soups & Salads by Sandy Cooper
  • Successful Parties: Simple & Elegant by Gary Goldberg

BOOKS BY COOKS (Cookook Series)
24 single subject cookbooks for gift and gourmet store distribution

Producer / Packager

  • Award Winning Recipes, Publications International
  • IACP Cookbook, PUBLISHER
  • Great American Christmas Almanac, Viking
  • Great American Baby Almanac, Viking
  • Walden Books/Borders 12 single subject cookbook series
  • Walden Books/Borders 8 childcare book series
  • Walden Books/Borders 12 “Matters of Fact” books

Author, Magazine Articles

  • The New York Times
  • Food & Wine magazine
  • Gourmet magazine
  • Modern Maturity (now AARP magazine)
  • Utne Reader
  • Chef magazine
  • Nation’s Restaurant News
  • Restaurant Business
  • Restaurant Hospitality
  • IACP Food Forum
  • Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture
  • Sizzle magazine

Consultant, Web Sites

  • Epicurious
  • CuisineNet
  • FamilyTime

Consultant, Restaurants

  • Rainbow Room
  • Windows on the World
  • Joe Baum, Restaurant Impresario


  • The James Beard Foundation Annual Awards
  • Rainbow Room Special Events

Television Appearances

  • The Today Show
  • Good Morning America
  • CNN
  • TV Food Network

Radio Appearances

  • Guest on 100+ radio programs