Living Without Our Tools

There seems to be a romance about living in the past. I’m always baffled by that.

We somehow forget our current technology was not with us; not our cell phones, not the familiar microwave oven, essential to our heat it up fast!, fast!, fast! lifestyle, which arrived in our kitchens in the 1970s.

A little science and technology can go a long way in the kitchen, even for those who have trouble boiling water.

Cuisinart Cookbook by Irena Chalmers_With the introduction of the Cuisinart food processor into the kitchens of the clumsy and the inept, the  universe of culinary possibility stretched into infinity. Suddenly we could all call ourselves Julia.

It was David Kamp who best described the Cuisinart’s impact in his wonderful, The United States of Arugula

“It was placed on the same magnitude of important discoveries as the printing press, cotton gin, steamboat, paper clips, Kleenex, contour sheets, and disposable diapers…”

At the same time, we decided the time had come to ‘be healthy’.

The food pyramid appeared.

Awed. Most of us read it…

upside down!

More found in Great Food Jobs 2: Ideas and Inspiration for Your Job Hunt, available October, 2013.