James Beard Foundation Scholarship Program Looking for a Few Good Scholars As Deadline Nears

james-beard-foundation-scholarship-programBaking and pastry and culinary arts students are like politicians: they are constantly looking for the next money infusion. Politicians hope to keep their seats. Culinary students hope to get their hands on funds that will enable them to stand on their own – and help to finance their studies.

Almost everyone needs a helping hand. Many students have already knocked on the firmly-closed doors of banks and met with unyielding loan officers. They may be planning to be extra nice to Mom  on Mother’s Day, or resting their hopes on Father’s Day that is already hovering on the  horizon. They may be counting on a grateful hug that will turn into a green bucks handshake.

Students may not be aware that right in their midst is the James Beard Foundation (JBF), which is actively looking for a few good scholars, upon whom to bestow a scholarship or a school tuition waiver. This year, more than $275,000 in scholarship money is immediately available. The funding is given in the names of culinary legends including Jean-Louis Palladin and Peter Kump and Patrick Clark and long-time James Beard friends like Clay Triplette (sponsored by Edna  Morris) and Mildred Amico.

Established in 1991, the JBF scholarship program is part of the JBF mission: “to celebrate, preserve, and nurture America’s culinary heritage and diversity in order to elevate the appreciation of our culinary excellence.” The scholarships are awarded to aspiring culinary professionals to further their education at a licensed or accredited culinary school.

The amount of each award or school tuition waiver, varies from $1,000 to $5,000.

In 2008 the JBF awarded a total of 80 scholarships based on the committee’s selections in culinary arts and pastry arts. The Foundation provided 53 cash scholarships totaling $164,900 via Scholarship America. And, 27 students received tuition waivers donated by schools and universities around the world valued at more than $101,000. The total amount of support given to students seeking to further their careers in the culinary arts amounted to more than $265,900.

The deadline for the 2009 JBF Scholarships is coming up quickly–May 15th to be exact! There is still time to fill out an application for the 10 Friends of James Beard Foundation scholarships and the many James Beard Foundation Schools Scholarships or to ask questions. But you must be quick-time is ticking down!

If you are a past recipient of a James Beard Foundation scholarship, will you tell your story of how you benefited?

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