Interview Winner

A young man, named Paul enrolled in culinary school only because he wanted to be a firehouse chef.

He applied for his dream job in Phoenix. The firehouse chief invited him to come in for an interview any time next week and dress casually.

Paul was overjoyed. He used his savings to buy a ticket for the 26 hour bus trip. He had his hair cut, carried with him a nice new shirt, tie and pants and polished his shoes until they shined brightly.

Wearing a big smile he greeted the chief who took one look at him and without one second’s pause said, “Go home.” The chief walked away, dismissing Paul without another word.

What happened?

Paul was told to dress casually. When a fireman doesn’t follow the rules he puts his life and the safety of others in jeopardy.

(This is actually a true story.)

The moral is clear…follow the directions carefully. Reschedule the interview rather than arriving with spaghetti sauce on your shirt.  Don’t be late or arrive too early. It’s annoying.