I Scream for Ice Cream

Ice Cream ConeWhat can you do if you love ice cream? Google the words “Ice Cream Jobs” and a dozen job opportunities will be offered by many major ice cream companies.

Ice cream is a $59 billion business with sales anticipated to increase to $65 billion by the end of this year. It is dominated by Nestle and Unilever. Nestle owns Haagen-Dazs and Dryers and Unilever now owns Ben & Jerry among their many brands

This might lead you to think the days of the Mom & Pop parlors are over but don’t despair, you’ve probably noticed that there is a homemade ice cream shop that is thriving at just about every seaside vacation spot. All of them appear to do a roaring business at least during tourist season.

If a store front seems like too big a commitment, perhaps the idea of a mobile ice cream truck might be more appealing. With wheels of your own, you can create your own flavors. Peter Wong, a New Jersey entrepreneur has come up with several Asian flavors including lychee, green tea and red bean but, not surprisingly, his biggest seller is Killer Chocolate, a deep dark chocolate to which he sometimes adds a banana or fresh mint. Stake out a roadside spot or keep rolling, twittering your location for your fans and followers.

By the way, even small dairies employ a professional ice cream taster who may be asked to suggest new flavors too.

I recently came across an article in the Los Angeles Times about Katherine Montero who describes herself as an ice cream sommelier.

She graduated with a business degree from Harvard University and an interest in molecular gastronomy and biology. She’s created a job working with a chef in an ice cream laboratory in Miami.

They’ve dreamed up some truly weird flavors including pizza ice cream: a combination of basil and tomato marmalade served with a curl of parmesan cheese. There’s also maple syrup served with a strip of crisp bacon and chocolate mole ice cream. Those who yearn for vanilla may be out of luck but there is a never ending parade of people who are willing to try anything, at least once.

I mention these things because if you can identify the thing you truly love, you can scoop up a career wrapped around the object of your affection.

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