Holy Culinary Triumverate

chef-paul-farmers-market-02It was so oppressively hot this past weekend that I escaped from the outdoors to ‘do research’–that is, watch more television cooking shows than I can remember with little more than a cool drink by my side.

As I watched, I tried to fathom whether viewers would actually make what I saw if they didn’t precisely have all the (very expensive, extraneous) equipment at hand. And, who actually make duck confit at home these days?

As an admired group, celebrity chefs exert an extraordinary influence over a large sector of the food universe that is quite disproportionate to their relatively small numbers. They forge alliances with local farmers, who supply them with superior ingredients. The chefs become betrothed to the food media, who in return adore them and provide them with favorable press coverage and shower them with awards.

This powerful triumvirate—chef, farmer, and the media—influences the opinions and purchasing decisions of millions of consumers.

Perhaps there should be a new food job: TV food media critic.