Great Food Jobs 2 Will Be My Last Book

GreatFoodJobsBookGreat Food Jobs 2 will be my last book. It is, perhaps, the happiest one too.

This may seem an odd thing to say because I compiled it while undergoing several surgical procedures, intensive chemotherapy and radiation for “intensive, invasive” metastatic breast cancer.

Like so many others who experience these “Treat Ments,” there were days when I could barely stand for more than a few minutes at a time.

That was the not so good part. The much better part was the delight–and luxury of time–I had in remembering this or that thing that happened, and the pleasure in telling tales about my experiences in our lovely food world.

My objective was to offer ideas for a career involving food that previously had not been glimpsed.

I kept worrying about your reaction, and whether this almanac-like collection of thoughts was actually publishable. I feared you might say that it was all too random and sometimes–often–quite dopey.

But then I realized my entire life has been totally without a proper plan, and that my only specialty, if indeed I have one, is to be quite dopey.

I’ve now recovered sufficiently to begin teaching again.

I had my first class of the new seminar at the CIA yesterday. I pretended not to notice the expressions of total astonishment on the students’ faces when I spun a few irreverent stories about some of the “godz” that populate the culinary scene. There always is a little moral to each little narrative, but I leave it to them to figure out what it is.

Preachers belong in a different orbit from mine, and this book is not at all about telling readers what to do. I just suggest ideas that can be considered. I most earnestly hope that the result will be for someone to say, “Wow! I could do that.”

A little while ago I attended Andy Smith’s Roger Smith Cookbook Conference. Geoffrey Drummond, Julia Child’s legendary television show producer at WGBH was a panelist. I had finished writing the manuscript by then, and I asked him how to ask people to write a review of a book (like mine).

His advice was “Just ask.”

Crumbs! I hadn’t thought of that.

Now the first endorsements have arrived.

They are the best medicine anyone could ever hope for.

I am cherishing every one.


Great Food Jobs2 : Ideas and Inspiration for Your Job Hunt went on sale this week.

One thought on “Great Food Jobs 2 Will Be My Last Book

  1. I’m very sorry to hear of your health issues and am pleased to know that you’re able to begin teaching again.

    The new book sounds like an invaluable resource and an entertaining one as well. As for the CIA class, I wish I could have been a fly on the wall there. Irreverent stories are just my cup of tea. You must have many.

    One of my all time favorite cookbooks is your Good Old Food, My copy is well worn and stained which means it’s been much loved. My thanks to you for the special recipes as well as the stories behind them. The book is a treasure.

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