Funeral Food

sneeze-guardhighI’ve noticed that a bunch of people have been dying lately.  This presents a great opportunity for food folk.

We should remember that funerals are for the living.  The most honored survivors get to mourn from a lectern.  Grieving friends who are held in high esteem are invited to shoulder the casket from outdoors to indoors and back out again.

Others simply sob.

All this emotion is sure to build up a hearty appetite.

Brunch for the Bereaved is a niche market that is assured of growth as the population ages and the inevitable becomes, well, unavoidable.

Restaurants catering to mourners should specialize in tasteful advertising and appropriate interior design.

Woody Allen reported that at his final sendoff, his father was depicted in a life-like (or almost life-like) bust rendered in chopped liver. There wasn’t a dry eye among the mourners.

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  1. Quite adorable…since I am a devoted Woody Allen fan, this added touch made it even more appealing!

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