Fundraising Party

The New York Public Library had a wonderful idea for a fund raiser. It was called Tables of Content.

The concept was for “famous folk” to invite 10 or 12 (or more) strangers to come to their home for dinner. The guests were asked to contribute some $$$ that were given directly to the library. The library provided a list of those who wanted to participate either as a host or a guest.

An alternative was for the host to arrange a small dinner party in a restaurant or an alternative venue — also with the funds donated to the library.

It was a huge success. As far as I know, everyone behaved nicely.

The library subsequently printed a small booklet describing the marvelously imaginative interpretations of “tables.”  Menus and recipes were included in the little book. I can’t remember now whether the publication was sold or given away or if it had an index but I do know it had a Table of Contents