From France to Eternity

Salad of warm foie gras and harigots verts

In the early 70’s, we transformed French chef Jean Troisgros’s salad of warm foie gras, haricots verts and warm vinaigrette into bologna, frozen string beans and thousand island dressing.

By the late ’80s, we converted the same idea into duck carpaccio, radiccio and blueberry vinegar, and by the ’90s became enraptured with skinless, boneless free range, organic chicken breast with mache and citrus infused olive oil.

Yesterday molecular gastronomy took center stage with a morsel of caramelized chicken topped with a rose foam, garnished with five sturgeon eggs, topped with a tiny shrimp pirouetting on a single, sublime pea… served in a demitasse spoon.

Slowly we climb the steps to ultimate gastronomy before ascending to that great banquette in the sky.