Free for All!

free lunchIt all began in the year 1962 with Doctor No. But Agent 007 was swiftly followed with the launch of the Food Guide Pyramid. Our universal reaction was to be both stirred, and shaken.

Many free spirits failed to understand the new dietary rules. Few grasped the enormity of the weight of a gram. (I understand it corresponds with the heft of a paper clip: large or small paperclip… who knows?)food-pyramid

And many read the pyramid — upside down. We can date the onset of the global obesity epidemic to the momentum of this historic moment. “NO!” became the new and improved buzz word back then, and remains so today.

Supermarket shelves are still stocked with “NO!: No Fat! No Cholesterol! No Calories! No Salt! No Sugar!” Naturally this results in absolutely NO Taste!

So, we again embrace those time-tested twin theories of ‘nature-abhorring vacuums’ and ‘abstinence-demanding rewards’. That means, No Fat yogurt entitles us to molten chocolate cake at midnight in the garden of fantasy.

Many dietary theories have been posited. There is one that emanated, (possibly self-servingly?), from France. It proposes red wine is good for us. Another notion suggests that exercise is virtuous. It enables us to live forever. This leads many to believe in a regime in which we jog – from bar to bar.

The new path of righteousness is tempered with contemplation, contention and confusion and leads us forthrightly into the land of the “FREE!”

We have gleefully bought into the concept of FREE on a grand scale. We demand freebies. We deserve freebies! We insist on freebies. Buy one, get one free! Buy one. Get TWO FREE! Yo!!!

We need a free ticket. We insist on free speech. Because, we are a free nation!

We worship free trade and free range. We adore everything that is born free, additive- and hormone-free. What we yearn for is prix free.

Free and easy is the only way to go for all, who are Free as (h)AIR.

In our free time, we download free music: 85 million viewers a month view free videos. We search the web for free and we e-mail for free, freely.

We look up stuff on Wikipedia, the source of all free knowledge. The acid-free content of online journals, magazines, newspapers, and words from bloggers toiling are free for the taking. All the best things in life are free for the free thinkers to explore in their free time. We are free to be you and me; Facebooked; LinkedIn,Twittering…

Free loaders eagerly accept an invitation to a free lunch. All too soon, they discover there is no such thing as a free ride.

Free love means buy now, pay later!

So, let freedom ring for whom the bell tolls! And Go for It!

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