Musing About Forbidden Foods

Ohhh, to have the job of a food muse and think aloud….

I dare not taste one drop of oil

For if I do, my health I’ll spoil

I’d spread my bread with lots of butter

But that will make my heart aflutter.

Don’t serve me poultry, pork or beef

Or I will surely come to grief.

And that fine fish just from the sea

Would, fried, become the death of me.

At breakfast I must never poke

My fork at any golden yolk.

And salt, to which I was a slave

Now lures me to an early grave.

Sugar, friend of childhood, sweet

Is now a rare, forbidden treat.

A shot of gin, a glass of wine,

Add up to sins times nine.

For Julia is no more my guide

‘Tis to a Naked Chef‘s rules I must abide.

Farewell to all the eats I love.

Farewell, so long, to all the above.

But as I chomp through fields of green

And shrink each day to sinewy lean,

Teach me, dear Lord,

Not to wish each course

Was rare roast beef

With bearnaise sauce

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