Food Writing: A is for Apple Or is it Appetites…

It’s Wednesday. And I promised to speak about food writing on Wednesdays. For me, the hardest part of being a food writer/blogger is deciding what to write about. (Note: poor grammar here.)

I often try to think alphabetically as in Give Me an A! A is for — Apple. Yet A could also be for alligators; appetites; appetizers; aphrodisiacs; almonds — you get the picture. Sometimes food writing is simply about getting started.

If you want to be a food writer, an investigative food journalist like the New York Times’s Michael Moss, a food folklorist, a blogger at HuffPost Food, you must, a-hem, write!  And you must write regularly, be it for pleasure, be it for the purpose for making a living.

So I am going to challenge you: choose one topic from the list below, and write a 500-word article, a food memory, an analysis, a poem or three researched factoids  for a specific publication — today!

  • Where apples grow: the life cycle of an apple from seed to harvest
  • Johnny Appleseed
  • How to bake an apple pie
  • Cornell University repository of apple seeds
  • The science of pomology
  • Candy apples nutrition information
  • How to make a dried apple doll
  • Dunking for apples
  • Toffee apples
  • Old wives apple lore
  • Varieties of apples
  • Apples in art
  • Apples in literature
  • Apples in advertising
  • Symbolism of apples in religion
  • Apple’s logo
  • origin of the Big Apple name for New York City
  • Apple of my eye
  • Apple pie bed
  • Apple cider
  • Calvados
  • Tarte tatin
  • Newton’s eureka apple moment
  • McDonald’s apple dippers
  • Apple cider
  • Apple aromatherapy
  • Apple picking
  • An apple a day

… What have I missed?