Food Writer

Some people have romantic ideas about food writing, and think it means free travel, free dining in fine restaurants, and free food and free cookbooks delivered to the door for your evaluation, (preferably good). Sadly this is fantasy, not reality. Travel writers more often than not, pay their own expenses and hope to make them up in fees paid for stories. Restaurant reviewers are anonymous if they’re any good, and therefore pay for their meals. Some publications reimburse, but many do not though they pay (usually a pittance) for the article.Unless a publication agrees to reimburse you for your opinion, there will be no freebies and no fees. This means if you want to be a writer, you must write…frequently. A blog is among the best ways to get started.  They may not leave a comment but that doesn’t mean they haven’t noticed.

Many writers succeed by developing expertise and then writing about it. If you are an expert on Turkish food or table manners or food in the news for example, you’d do well to follow that path as a writer.