Food Timeline Begins


  • M.F.K. Fisher writes Here Let Us Feast
  • Mrs. Paul’s Kitchens launches fish sticks
  • Brennan’s Restaurant opens. Creates competition for Dinner at Antoine’s with Breakfast at Brennan’s
  • Arthur Bryant opens Bar-B-Cue restaurant in Kansas City
  • Taillevent opens in Paris

1947  Reuben sandwich huge hit


  • Frank Perdue, age 28, ruffles feathers when he takes control of Perdue Farms and its 40 employees
  • Balducci’s opens
  •  J.I. Rodale says organically grown fruit and vegetables are good for you as a Brand new idea!


  • Legal Seafoods opens
  • The Coach House opens to fanfare
  • The Rainbow Room blazes back on restaurant scene after wartime closing
  • Diners Club is founded. Patrons carded
  • Dunkin’ Donuts opens. Hole in one


  • Parks Sausage is introduced in Baltimore
  • Duncan Hines Cake Mix introduced. Sales rise
  • Louis Zabar leaves business to sons, Saul, 22; Stanley, 18 and  Eli, 7
  • L’Ecole des Trois Gourmandes opens in Paris with Julia one of the Trois


  • Cheez Whiz introduced. Gee!
  • “TV Dinner” appears on the market. Customers take news lying down
  • Irish coffee is introduced at San Francisco’s Buena Vista Café
  • Joe Baum, 33 opens The Newarker restaurant at Newark Airport, NJ


  • Ray Kroc opens his first McDonald’s hamburger stand
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken opens, Harland Sanders, 65 wings it
  • Lum’s opens the first of its 390 restaurants in Miami Beach
  • Ferdinand Point of Restaurant de la Pyramide at Vienne dies at age 58
  • Owen Brennan dies at age 45, leaving sister Ella, 30 in charge
  • Lever Brothers introduces Imperial margarine

1956 Paul Bocuse, age 50, leaves La Pyramide to join his father at Collonges-au-Mont d’Or


  • Williams-Sonoma opens in San Francisco. No pans.Many pots
  • Pizza Hut opens in Wichita Kansas. Delivers fast service
  • International House of Pancakes opens in California. Sales not flat as…
  • Henri Soulé opens La Côte Basque on the former site of Le Pavillon
  • American Express Card founded


  • Gaston Lenôtre, 44  opens a petit pâtisserie  in Paris
  • The James Beard Cookbook  is published
  • Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream factory opened in the Bronx by Polish born Reuben Mattus
  • The Four Seasons restaurant opens for all