Food Kiosk

Food Truck

Food Kiosk in A Truck

Food kiosks (and carts) are among the latest things.  And they take many forms, whether standing put or going mobile on a truck. Some even become award winners. recently reported: “there are approximately 3 million food trucks operating in the U.S., more than 5 million food carts, and an unknown number of kiosks.” It further states that the options for a mobile food food business are endless.

A supermarket in Texas positions an open-sided kiosk next to the meat and poultry section.

A cook prepares a fast recipe using the minimum number of ingredients–maybe inspired by Claire Robinson on the TV Food Network.

When a customer says she wants to cook for two people or a whole family, she is handed a bag filled with the recipe, prepped ingredients and cooking instructions. She can be in and out of the store in a flash.

What a great idea. How can you use it?