Food Jobs: Wedding Feast

Wedding Food Planner

Food is an important part of the work of a wedding planner.  It must be appropriate to the space, served simultaneously to a hundred or more guests, accommodate all tastes and dietary demands and remain on budget.

Uncommon ingredients may need to be purchased from other countries and coaxed through watchful customs agents.

The planner must be a good diplomat and be energetic, personable, tactful, able to work well under pressure, and with all kinds of people who may behave badly, while remaining confident, optimistic, flexible and creative.

A flair for the dramatic is helpful, and a sense of humor is essential.

It is necessary to keep track of the many details while keeping everyone one on speaking terms.

Many establish their fees as a percentage of the production costs.

Note: The cost of a wedding ceremony itself is surprisingly modest, considering its importance. Loving couples can expect to pay between $10 and $100 for a 15-minute ceremony. Unloving couples can count on paying hundreds of dollars an hour for the services of a fancy divorce lawyer. It takes many more hours to dissolve a marriage than to consummate one.