Food Jobs: Bartender

Martha Stewart described Master Bartender Dale DeGroff as “the Billy Graham of the holy spirits.” She is right, as always.

Dale DeGroff is to cocktails as a hand is to a glove. They fit. For twelve years, Dale ruled the luminous Promenade Bar at the Rainbow Room in Manhattan. He says, “I fell in love with bars because of the uninhibited, disordered, and surprising way life unfolds at the bar. The only logical progression in my life has been the wealth of characters that have crossed my path. I don’t know how Muhammad Ali felt the first time he climbed into a ring, or how Louis Armstrong felt the first time he picked up a trumpet, but for me, I knew I was standing in a very familiar and cozy place when I was standing behind a bar for the first time. I knew I was home.”

If you like talking to people (and showing off your extraordinary dexterity,) how about becoming a bartender.  You will need to do some studying, apprenticing and tasting but imagine this:There are 882,476 restaurants and bars in the U.S.

There are too many to list. Surely you could find a job in one of them and in a place where you would like to live.

I came across this (anonymous) advertisement that describes the qualifications you need:

Independently owned and operated, “My Blue Heaven” is currently recruiting for a Bartender, an excellent employment opportunity for the truly exceptional candidate who possesses a natural flair for hospitality, a strong commitment to excellence, and an entrepreneurial bent. The position of Bartender is responsible for preparing and serving an extensive selection of wines and various cocktails adhering to the high quality standards of the “All Saints” Bar. The Bartender must be familiar with a wide range of drink recipes, be able to mix drinks accurately, quickly, and without waste, maintain the required bar supplies and ensure the bar and lounge area remains clean and inviting for customers.

Does this sound like you?




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