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Great Food Jobs 2


“Witty, inspiring and full of new ideas, this companion book to Food Jobs will give you exciting ways to think about jobs. Chalmers gives new meaning to “thinking out of the box,” and fills the book with clever stories and lessons. Buy it if you already own the previous Food Jobs, as there’s all new information here — Dianne Jacob, author, Will Write for Food

Irena Chalmers knows more about the subject of working in the food world than any of the dozens of other experts we know. And what’s amazing is that she has charmed and entranced so many of those dozens into helping her fill in all the remaining spaces, telling us about the things they know firsthand. Her book is a gentle guide to a hard-edged subject–warm and witty, stringing together ideas and advice like hundreds of sparkling beads on a string. Reference books are not really meant to be read from cover to cover, but this one casts an unexpected spell, and you’ll find yourself staying up late–as did I–turning pages, immersed in Chalmers’ graceful humor and good, practical sense. It almost made me wish I were back job-hunting again. — Nach Waxman, owner/founder of Kitchen Arts & Letters

Irena Chalmers is a culinary individualist and food publishing leader who continuously thinks outside the box. Inventing, owning, and running businesses, she questions standards, digs for facts and figures, explores new territory. Which is why this second volume of Food Jobs is chockablock with ever more inventive ideas for navigating a career in the food field–and she probably has volume three up her sleeve! — Pamela Mitchell, food entrepreneur and former editor at Every Day with Rachael Ray, Saveur, Everyday Food, and Food & Wine magazines

How does one learn about the myriad of career possibilities within the world of food? Meet Irena Chalmers. Ms. Chalmers (who really should consider changing her name to Charming) offers an enjoyable yet highly informative read in her latest creation. We are certainly all familiar with food, but are not equally familiar with where it all comes from, how it gets to us, how we are persuaded to choose one item over the other, why one is healthier than another, and how vast the foodservice industry. Great Food Jobs 2 is a career guide overflowing with factual information and personal reflections that will inspire and educate each and every reader. — Chet Koulik, Registrar and former Director of Career Services, The Culinary Institute of America

Great Food Jobs 2 is like having a food-career counselor in the palm of your hands. No one knows more than Irena Chalmers about the working world of food, and she spotlights both traditional and new opportunities for raising food passion to a professional level. Brava! — Kate Heyhoe, Executive Editor, Global Gourmet

About the Author

Irena Chalmers is the author of more than forty books and has regularly contributed to such publications as The New York Times, Food & Wine, Gastronomica, Food Arts and Nation’s Restaurant News. She is a founding member and past president of both the International Association of Culinary Professionals and Les Dames d’Escoffier International, as well as a James Beard Foundation “Who’s Who” of Food And Beverage in America. Chalmers currently divides her time as a faculty member at The Culinary Institute of America, “The Last Word” columnist for Chef magazine and counselor to many about to embark on their own culinary adventure.