Food Job: Specialty Store Owner

I read three online food news briefs every day: NASFT (National Association of Specialty Food Trade), NRN (Nation’s Restaurant News) and FNJ (Food News Journal). I like to know what’s going on.

I just read this communication from Specialty Food News: NASFT DOWNERS GROVE, Ill., Aug. 18:

Lemon Tree Grocer will host a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, August 20th at 3:00 p.m. to celebrate its grand opening.  Lemon Tree Grocer officially opened for business on August 13, 2010.  Located at 5101 Mochel Drive, the new neighborhood “food emporium” features a full service sandwich and salad bar, fresh, flown-in seafood, one of the last “journeyman” butcher counters, hand-made sushi and a full menu of chef – prepared meals. Lemon Tree also features an extensive artisan cheese selection and a barista serving coffee and espresso. The produce is an assortment of locally grown goods along with exotic, international offerings.

This is what is called in the U.K. “bloody marvelous” press writing.

Talk about punching every hot button. The company creates an event complete with ribbon cutting. (The release didn’t mention the idea of inviting Snookie or any other big shot celeb. Pity it is the only touch that remained untouched.)

Lemon Tree is a great name for a food emporium.

Emporium is a good word, so is “neighborhood.”

Sandwiches are really hot. Sandwich Consumer Report tells us that 96% of polled consumers bought a sandwich in the last week. I can only guess full service sandwiches are extra, extra good.

Salad Bar. There’s nothing like a nice salad to put a little pep in your step.

Seafood. “Flown in.” Flying fish! And Fresh to boot. Fresh is a reassuring word. (I’m always puzzled by customers who ask: “Is the fish fresh?”)

Butcher. Butchers are the new hotties in the food world. Wegman’s, Whole Foods and other food emporia like to display naked meat. Customers leap to the conclusion there is a real, life butcher hovering with cleaver ready and eager to respond to questions. I don’t know about the word “journeyman.” Does this mean he’s wearing a straw hat and a bow tie?

Sushi. Everyone’s favorite food. And hand-made. Wow! No robots here churning out sushi and sashimi by the thousands of pieces. By the way, have you noticed we don’t eat the food of unfriendly nations? We’d never have touched sushi right after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. No caviar from Iran either. The government has banned it.

Chef-prepared meals. A telegenic iron man or woman chef we hope.

The rousing chorus of extensive artisan cheese selection and a barista serving coffee and espresso, locally grown goods along with exotic, international offerings produces such a buzz of literary exultation, we can only imagine excited crowds are already beating a path to The Lemon Tree with open hearts and willing wallets.

This is the way to write a press release for sure.

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