Food Job: Shopper

Recently, a rather grumpy-looking girl folded her arms and glared at me. In response to what she clearly thought was a dumb question, she answered: “I love to go shopping.” Everyone laughed but I thought this was a really useful piece of information.

I told her about a former colleague at Windows on the World who is a tabletop consultant. She scours manufacturers’ showrooms for the latest designs of china, glassware and distinctive serving plates for several upscale restaurants. My student now does the same thing. She works part-time as a tabletop counselor and the rest of her time as a prop stylist for a food photographer. She too goes shopping everyday. When a chef wants a tagine or a mandoline or any other piece of specialized equipment, she knows exactly what it is and can lay her hands on it immediately. She found her “bliss” — her perfect food job.  Hooray!