Food Job: Product Spokesperson

A professional spokesperson represents a product on behalf of a client.

Chefs, cookbook authors, and nutritionists are among the credible experts who are employed to get a message to the public on television, the radio, and in print.

The spokesperson is required to show up with time to spare, look good, be charming and make the product so irresistible, the viewer, listener, or reader will be overcome with enthusiasm and rush out to buy it, preferably for the rest of their natural life.

The “talent” (spokesperson) must repeat the message with sincerity a hundred times. The ability to stay on message and deliver predetermined selling points is a skill that is developed and fine-tuned by the most successful spokes-ladies and spokes-gentlemen.

Typically, the brand spokespersons must exhibit the ability to weave adulation about the goods into what appears to be a non-commercial conversation. They must never be seen as selling or being too obvious, but still must mention the product as often as possible within a very limited period of time.

On-air pitching while cooking is an acquired talent; it is akin to singing, dancing while chatting or knitting.

Among major public relations companies that employ spokespersons in the food arena are the Londre Company, Ketchum Public Relations, Hunter Public Relations, Porter Novelli, and Fleishman Hillard. Check out these companies online and send a well-composed letter to the human relations body. And check into commodities like “the other white meat,” fast food “restaurants” and potato chip producers.

Occasionally a writer can make a marriage of convenience with a potential sponsor, offering perhaps to become a spokesperson for a barbecue sauce or a grill after publishing a book on the subject of grilling, but usually an aspiring spokesperson must become highly visible first and then wait to be invited to audition for the role of product pitchperson.

As a pitcher, you can earn enormous (or embarrassingly small) sums of money. It all depends on your ability and good or quirky looks. Look what was achieved by a little Geico and the Aflac Duck!