Food Job: How To Find It.

The good news is we all have so many choices. This is unfortunately also the bad news.

One way to begin a career search is to symbolically examine the heavens through a telescope. Think of the planets as broad career possibilities such as restaurants and foodservice, buying and selling, farming and fishing, finance and fund raising, philanthropy and education, science and technology, art and design, promotion and advertising — and the media.

Then narrow the field as though looking through a microscope and explore the brightest stars within the universe you have have chosen.

As you may know, I teach a Food Jobs class at the CIA. I ask the students to take a look  at the 150 foods I have listed in my Food Jobs book and immediately cross through everything that doesn’t interest them. Then choose a specific job within a specific broad category and undertake serious research to get more information about it.

You may find it helpful to undertake a similar exploration for yourself. Once you have examined your idea from every side, you may decide this is definitely not what you want to do after all, or with a stroke of good luck you have reinforced your initial decision.

Once you have chosen the direction you want to take, it is relatively easy to devise a road map that will lead you to your destination.

Here then are some questions to consider:

What is My Dream Job? If I could do anything in the world, what would it be?

Write a 300-word Description of the Jobs You are Seeking

What Experience Do I Need?

How Can I Get This Experience?

What Is the Best Part of This Job?

What Is the Downside?

What Salary Can I Anticipate? (Check The Bureau of Labor Statistics online to find this information. It will vary depending on the location.)

What is The First Step I Need to Take?

When Will I Take This Step? Today. Tomorrow.. Not Now… Never….

Ready? Get Set. Or Stop?