Food Job: Home

A friend decided to move from a cold climate to a warmer home. He began by making a list of all the things important to him.

He wanted to settle in a temperate but not hot region of the country.

His work required a lot of travel so he needed to be close to a small airport that he could get to quickly and easily and without a hassle.

He is interested in the performing arts so wanted to be close to a cultural center.

He has a medical problem so access to an excellent hospital was essential.

He hoped to find an old house and garden that he could restore (and buy at a price that wouldn’t be too wildly costly.)

He divided a map of the United States into regions and researched each one in his search for a place that fulfilled all his wishes.

He settled in Louisville, Kentucky and is completely happy with his decision.

There are two ways to approach a hunt for a job. One is to choose a place where you want to live and then look for work.  The other is to find the work and be willing to relocate to the place of employment.  Only you can decide which direction to take.