Food Job: Herb Grower

A friend grew herbs in her garden.

She gave them away.

She tied them with chives and a lavender ribbon. Then she spoke to a florist who agreed to sell the herb bouquets in her flower shop.

Then she spoke to a caterer.  She suggested adding rosemary (the herb of remembrance) to bridal bouquets. He loved the idea.

Then she spoke to a local restaurant who agreed to put vases of herbs on the tables.  The guests were invited to take the bunches of herbs home as a little gift — and a reminder to come back again.

My friend now has a thriving business.

She adds a little printed herb legend. I found this quote in one of my favorite books: The Book of Spices by Avanelle Day .

“A smell of Basil is good for the heart and head — it cureth infirmaties of the heart, taketh away sorrowfulness which cometh of melancholia and maketh a man merry and glad.”

–John Gerard (a contemporary of Shakespeare.)