Food Job: Food Futurist

Once upon a time, a monk devoted his entire life to writing an illuminated manuscript, and then in the blink of an evolutionary eye, along came the printing press.

Once upon a time books were printed and bound and sold in bookstores and then in the blink of an evolutionary eye, along came the Kindle and iPad and a myriad other devices.

The world turned.

And hundreds of thousands of recipes became available online. FREE!

As a giraffe, peering into the already visible, I can see the future: the future is now and behold, it is digital.

A future electronic cookbook will pass from your laptop to mine without first becoming a printed and bound hard or soft cover book. It will include step-by-step video directions and commentary from the author.

Some “E-books” will be downloaded as soon as they are typed. They may be simultaneously available as audio books.

Links will provide the reader with the option of accessing further information.  For example, a recipe using coffee as an ingredient will include links to the history of coffee, its health effects of drinking coffee, how to roast coffee beans, the best coffee makers, an interview with the founder of Starbucks and a dozen other expansions of knowledge on this topic including, perhaps advice about how to land a job as a barista or becoming a coffee taster or expert suggestions on how to own and operate a coffee shop.

Writers will produce their own books without the intercession of a literary agent or a publisher. The author may independently hire an editor and an artist to provide the book jacket or pay a division of Amazon or iPad or other electronic service to provide these services.

A cover design will still be needed for display on the Amazon web site. Note: as reported by Ken Auletta in The New Yorker, last year Amazon accounted for an estimated 80% of all electronic-book sales.

Instead of the customary 7-1/2% royalty on a soft cover book, the author and electronic service will split the earnings 50:50 or a considerably higher royalty will be provided to the author. Earnings statements will be available — electronically — with author access to sales reported on an hourly basis. Comparison graphs with competing titles will also be instantly obtainable. Royalty checks will be deposited to the author’s bank weekly or monthly…

Let the good times roll!

2 thoughts on “Food Job: Food Futurist

  1. I agree with you whole heartedly because you can have your whole library at your fingertips from anywhere – in the grocery and can’t remember what goes in that recipe you wanted to try, pull it up. It won’t take up room in your house. You won’t have your husband screaming at you that you are destroying the house with the weight of your 2,000+ cookbook collection.

    The only thing that is missing from the puzzle is color. The only reason I haven’t gotten a Kindle is I want full color because I only want it for cooking and you really need to be able to see those color photographs. And from what I have heard from folks that have both a Kindle and an iPad, the Kindle is designed so that it doesn’t strain your eyes like a normal computer will. I would love to have an all in one toy but I’ll settle for two – if iPad would just add USB ports and some applications and if the Kindle would become colorized.

    And this isn’t just for cookbooks, My daughter who is 19 is having back problems because of all the textbooks she carried around in high school and now in college. Textbooks should be required to be digital in college where you have to buy them anyway.

  2. I love my Kindle and carry it with me everywhere. I haven’t been able to convince myself that I also need an iPad but will undoubtedly succumb to temptation soon. Yes I think all textbooks will soon be digitalized and that we will catch up with Chinese technology and have all these books in color and even 3D before very long. Thank you for you comments.

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