Food Job: Dreamer

May I tell you about my friend’s friend? Her name is Lucy. She worked as a secretary at a news magazine for her entire professional life. In her day, women were not deemed worthy to become reporters.

When she retired, her colleagues took her out to lunch.

Her children gave her a gift certificate for twelve adult ed. classes.

Lucy had always wanted to be a water color painter so she signed up.

She continued to study water color techniques for a year. By then she discovered the greatest water color artists live in Japan. So she went to Japan for a visit. While there, she explored the opportunities to study at a small college. Unfortunately she was hampered by her inability to speak the language so she took more classes until she became fluent. By this time she was 74. When she was 75 she moved to Japan and bought a small house.

She is now in her mid-eighties. She is happy and still painting exquisite landscapes. Her children come to visit occasionally. She loves them of course, but can’t wait for them to leave so she can get on with her work.

There a point to this little (actually true) story.