Food Job: Airport Chef (Height Haute)

There is no more pie in the sky…pie

Restaurant SmartBrief reports the following:

“Airport restaurants run much like traditional eateries, with a few additional challenges: they benefit from delays and flight cancellations but all too often the seats are filled with hungry, grumpy passengers who are unwilling guests. It is not surprising that among the many rules and regulations is the requirement for sharp kitchen knives to be tethered at all times. Metal knives on restaurant tables are not permitted.”

In addition to this, all food deliveries are carefully scrutinized for lethal bugs of all kinds. Every new employee must first undergo security clearance. Servers are required to have the patience of a saint. So this is an occupation that has to cope with more than the customary challenges.

Even so, there are several entirely different kinds of work in this sector of the hospitality industry. Food jobs range from menu planning, recipe development, and recipe testing to financial management and waitstaff jobs.

Private plane chefs have a slightly easier time than those who work at busy airports—they can supply elegant snacks or partially cooked food that is reheated aloft in the microwave.

The chef must bear in mind that the sense of taste is greatly diminished when cruising at 30,000 feet. (This is the reason airlines often serve food that tastes of  mostly nothing at all.)

If there is a small, private airport near you, write a business plan, bring samples, offer your light-as-air goodies service as an official caterer. Check every airline individually for employment opportunities.

Food for Thought

Smart hotels are now offering “picnics” as parting gifts. The meal is designed to be eaten with one hand while flying high in a cramped airline seat but who can enjoy a mini-meal while rubbing elbows and avoiding envious glances from other hungry passengers?

Most airline food is now eaten before boarding the plane.

Excerpt from Great Food Jobs 2: Ideas and Inspiration for Your Job Hunt