Food Fortune

Nicholas Wade, the esteemed New York Times science writer reported that truffles have sex.

This astonishing fact appears to be true.

A plant biologist at the University of Nancy in France reveals there are two sexes of truffles. Thus it can be revealed that by injecting the roots of certain oak trees with the spores of both mates, it become possible to produce predictability.

Lay this wisdom at the feet of genetic engineers who unraveled the truffle DNA containing, as it turns out, 7,500 genes (compared with 30,000 in the human genome.)

If only the perfumers could recreate the aroma of truffles that drives pregnant pigs, dogs, squirrels, boars and other wild life mad with desire, they could make a fortune. (Incidentally a gene that is found in rice has been detected in male underarm sweat…)

I just thought you might like to ponder the possibilities…

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