Food Conferences

Sometimes it seems such a huge effort (and wildly costly too,) to make the decision to go (or not to go) to a conference (or even a party.) And then, when you get there, you have such a good time you forget how tired you are on the long journey home.

When I first moved to Kingston, NY from Manhattan, I was shocked when new friends told me they hadn’t been to the city for years.

Here we have the option to drive, take Amtrak or the Metro North train, or a bus. All are within easy access and relatively inexpensive.  The train ride is particularly wondrous as the route follows the Hudson all the way to midtown.

All the options involve pretty much a five-hour round trip though and the time element is the main deterrent — or was the main deterrent until I was the last person on earth to realize the journey translates into two movies!

Now I have realigned my thinking, I will be doing a whole lot more traveling!