Finding a Food Job

I teach a course on love affairs. I am a matchmaker of food jobs. If you know what you love to do, not what you have to do, it is time to act and not wait a minute more.

We have way too many choices so it is difficult to narrow the options to a precious few. Eventually, you can make a decision and move forward after coolly examining your options.

After all, think of the number of significant others who pass through your life before you find and embrace your beloved.

Think how often we all make wrong turns before arriving at our destination.

Think of sailors who understand the navigational concept: that we almost never go directly from point A to point B. Instead, we set a course, periodically take readings of our position, then make adjustments to the very head winds which threaten to overturn our boat.

Some are threatened by changes: others are challenged by them. But like it or not, we must accept an irrefutable truth: everything around us is changing — fast!

Each of us must chart our own journey and hope we can use our past experience to propel us into the future.

Yesterday I spoke to a young culinary student who told me, with some passion, that she hates her job and hates the place where she is living. She hates her long commute. She hates the long, cold winters in New York. She said she wants to move to Florida but can’t because her grandmother will be upset.

Her grandmother is 66 years old. She believes she needs to stick to her horrible life until her grandmother dies.

I asked, “But, what if your grandmother lives to be 96?”

No problem. It’ll just be 30 years wasted…Meanwhile, there may a food job waiting for her near a beach in Florida. She just needs to put her toe in the water. And send her grandmother a plane ticket to visit…occasionally.