Find a Job

Graduation daze are here and many are worried.

An alternative to applying for a job is to create one for  yourself.

Use the social media to announce your availability and place an ad in a trade magazine or Personal Column of a local publication.

For example: I am a speech writer. My former clients include three senators and several CEOs. I can help you….

I am a personal chef specializing in preparing gluten-free dinners and small tempting meals for home bound elderly.

I am a public relations and marketing specialist. I can increase your sales! I only charge a fee when I achieve the result you specify.

I’ll make a sensational cake for you. I can reproduce your house in genoise.

I am a specialist in designing mini kitchens in tiny apartments.

I’ll write your cover letter and help you with your resume.

Create a web site to showcase your work and get a dedicated phone number for your new business.