Dog Food Trucker

The terms “Keep on trucking” and  “truck stop” have acquired entirely new meanings. Rice pudding, exotic ice cream, cupcakes, flavored popcorn, French fries, Korean tacos are just a few among the literally dozens of street foods offered at flourishing pop-up meals on wheels vehicles. A proprietor of a small operation in a busy location can literally make a fortune providing healthy, hearty, homemade sandwiches for the lunch crowd.

An enterprising trucker named his vehicle K9. He caters to dogs: He forms dog biscuits into an ice cream-shaped cone and tops it with a “chilli burger” or “bacon burger.” There’s no telling who loved the idea more: the dogs or their owners.

Note: Americans spent $56 billion on pets last year.

Close to 62 percent of American households own a pet. An entrepreneur promotes a vitamin-infused “mountain-spring water” for dogs. The price: $3.30 a bottle, about as much as a gallon of milk.