Diplomatically Speaking–Food Matters

The Culinary Institute of America President, Dr. Tim Ryan, CMC wrote: “We believe that food matters. It is elemental to our existence and integral to nurturing relationships and building community. It is the one indispensable ingredient with which we celebrate life’s great moments.”

Diplomatic Culinary PartnershipThe Huffington Post reported: “Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton believes in the power of food. Over more than three years as America’s top diplomat, she has increasingly used cuisine as a tool to bring people together.

The Secretary of State put it this way in a video address: “Food isn’t traditionally thought of as a diplomatic tool, but I think it’s the oldest diplomatic tool. Sharing a meal can help people transcend boundaries and build bridges in a way that nothing else can.”

Clinton enlisted top-rated chefs from across the nation to join an effort to forge cultural exchanges over the dining table worldwide….More than 80 chefs are being inducted into the first American Chef Corps. These food experts could help the State Department prepare meals for visiting dignitaries, travel to U.S. embassies abroad for educational programs with foreign audiences or host culinary experts from around the world in their U.S. kitchens.” The effort has come together with the guidance of the James Beard Foundation.

Among The First Diplomatic Culinary Partnership’s American Chef Corps inductees:

Victor Albisu
Nick Anderer
José Andrés
Michael Anthony
Dan Barber
Rick Bayless
John Besh
Peter Betz
Richard Blais
April Bloomfield
Jeffrey Buben
Terry Bryant
Peter Callahan
Floyd Cardoz
Michael Chiarello
Joe Cicala
Cris Comerford
Scott Conant
Scott Drewno
Enzo Fargione
Maziar Farivar
Chip Flanagan
Larry Forgione
Amanda Freitag
Hoss Fuentes
David Garcelon
Duff Goldman
Todd Gray
David Guas
Tariq Hanna
Rock Harper
Maria Hines
Ris Lacoste
Robert Irvine
Jean-Marie Lacroix
Mike Isabella
Mourad Lahlou
Jason Larkin
Chris Jakubiec
Chris James
Sam Kass
Robert Kinkead
Ian Knox
Jamie Leeds
Anthony Lombardo
Emily Luchetti
Tony Mantuano
Tony Maws
Spike Mendelsohn
Roland Mesnier
Mary Sue Milliken
Rick Moonen
Masaharu Morimoto
Wes Morton
Marc Murphy
Michel Nischan
Kaz Okochi
Guillermo Pernot
Naomi Pomeroy
Olivier Reginensi
Andrea Reusing
Frank Ruta
Matthew Ridgeway
Charlie Romano
Aaron Sanchez
Richard Sandoval
Marcus Samuelsson
Chris Santos
Kiesha Sellers
Walter Scheib
Barton Seaver
Art Smith
B. Smith
Holly Smith
Angelo Sosa
Kevin Sbraga
Susan Spicer
Curtis Stone
Vikram Sunderam
Ming Tsai
Bryan Voltaggio
Joanne Weir
Robert Weland
Cathy Whims
Alan Wong
Robert Wiedmaier
Bill Yosses
Alex Young
Eric Ziebold
Andrew Zimmerman

I for one hope the new Secretary of State John Kerry continues this program.