Dinner Dancer


Image courtesy of http://stocklogos.com/logo/ballerina-italian-pastry-art

I recently met a charming young woman who had spent 12 years as a ballet dancer before enrolling at the Culinary Institute of America.

I asked her why she had stopped dancing.

She said she had become totally fed up with having people shout at her…

I immediately thought, working in a hot kitchen with an irascible chef would obviously solve that problem!

I said nothing.

She then volunteered that she was happy she could now eat a bacon cheeseburger and fries instead of the half lettuce leaf that would keep her weight low enough to be hoisted over the head of her partner.

“What’s next after graduation?,” I asked.

“I want to be a dining room manager in a fancy restaurant,” she said without pause.

I asked her if she knew that Thomas Keller employs a dancer to show his waitstaff how to walk gracefully through the room before delicately before placing the plates on the table.

She mentioned her years of ballet training at her next interview. She landed the job she wanted.

Now she’s pirouetting all the way to the bank (and coaching little girls who suffer with anorexia).