Cookbook Conference

The Cookbook Conference at the Roger Smith Hotel was an enormous success As always, though, the best part is the opportunity to run into so many old (and getting older,) friends. I loved every minute and really like this hotel too.  There was a lot of talk about creativity. Many ideas were hatched. All this thinking reminded me of three creative  eggs I have eaten.

The first was a brown egg in an egg cup.  The top had been removed and inside was a miniature soufflé.

The second egg was not an egg at all but was also nestled into an eggcup. The cook had molded an outer part of white vanilla ice cream and inside; “the yoke” was a passion fruit sorbet.

The third egg was also a pretend one.  It was a “fried” egg in which the white was formed from white chocolate and “yolk” was an apricot mousse.